About KWIS

The Origin Story

Hey all, I’m Auriana (pronounced like Ariana Grande) and everything on this site is Knot What It Seams. 


In the real world, you could peg me as a studious, laid-back nerd who spends her time getting second-hand embarrassment from book characters and eating soup in her bed (I adore most soups). BUT...on this site I intend to explore my more voracious and confident alter ego, while sharing some tips on how to up-cycle your wardrobe on a budget. 


My thrifting journey began after a traumatic experience at a clothing store where I was coerced into buying $70 jeans and, if you’re anything like me, you feel obligated to buy something if employees have spent more than 15 minutes helping you.


I turned to thrift stores shortly after and discovered that gently used clothes were just as good as brand new ones, and a new sewing machine launched the beginning of a new hobby. I hadn’t realized how easy it was to sew a button or hem clothes or even make my own crop tops! I want this blog to serve as a creative outlet for myself and others as well as show how people of all ages, genders, and skill levels can be fashionable on a budget.