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DIY Tank dress

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

You know how classrooms in high school are abnormally freezing? Well, I bought this dress during that time because I could be cute and semi-warm. Now that I'm in college however, I only spend around an hour or hour 1/2 in each class. The rest of the time I'm sweating like a Hebrew slave as I trudge around my ridiculously large campus. I believe it's time for an upgrade.


Mark where you want to cut the sleeves. I used a sports bra to trace my lines on the front.


Cut your sleeves off and trim the collar the way you want it. I like a lower back, so I cut a deep V-shape.


Place pins where you need hem your freshly cut sleeves. Take your time with this part and don't stab your fingers multiple times like I do.


Take your handy dandy sewing machine and...


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