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How to take in a waistline

I bought this skirt for about $3 at a thrift store because it was a perfect match for my Halloween costume. In my haste and excitement, I failed to actually try it on and ended up with something about 2 sizes too small for my waist when I got home 😓.

Anyone who thrift shops knows that there are no returns and I absolutely refused to give up this jem. So what was my solution? A little stitch-witchery.

It's super easy to take in a waistline, not just for skirts, but for anything. If you're willing to take a measly 15 minutes out of your day, you'll never have bottoms that don't fit again. So let's jump in.

(P.S. this technique translates to jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.)


Fold the skirt in half and make sure the opposite seams line up on the top and bottom. This is where you're going to be stitching.


I measured two finger lengths on both sides of the seam. This could be shorter or larger for you depending on how much you might need to take in. (Also don't mind my nails, I need to schedule an appointment 😅)


Mark where your fingers end and mark how far down you want the seam to be. I still wanted the skirt to flare out a bit at the bottom so I chose to not go all the way down. I only needed the waist smaller, not the entire skirt.


This next step may look a bit daunting, but its not as difficult as it looks. This stitch is called a "ladder stitch" and it creates an invisible seam. You start from the bottom and weave your way up. Think of it like your shoe laces. You would weave the lace into the holes and you skip a hole as you go further up. This time you're only using one lace. (If I get people who want a more detailed explanation then I can make a separate tutorial for that.)


Finally, just pull the string tight and the ladder will close. It's actually pretty satisfying to see your new seam closing up.

And here's the finished product! It fits so much better and is great for any weather. P.S. I did not rhyme on purpose.

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