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The No-No's of Thrift Shopping

Updated: Nov 2, 2019


You don't know who's head a hat has lived on and you might not wanna know. I know it looks cute and you're already planning what outfits you could wear with that dope beanie, but it's better to not risk potential disease.


There's a reason why swim bottoms come with a little plastic strip when your try them on. I don't know how you men are about sharing bottoms, but girl code dictates you never borrow or lend intimates to each other.


I personally don't wear too much makeup and I will never spend an arm and a leg at Sephora or Ulta. However, I also know better than to purchase unsealed, hand-me-down makeup products. Some people's skin is sensitive and using old eye shadow, brushes, foundation, etc. can lead to major acne problems and even infection. Even for sealed products, there's no way to know if it's past its prime. So just... don't.


I know you're eyeing that vintage sweater that only has a small stain on the sleeve or that white dress with a ink stain, but, don't buy it. I know you think you're gonna patch up that tiny hole in the collar of that jacket. I know you have a trick that your mom taught you to remove even the toughest grass stains. But we both know that your life is too filled with exciting people and experiences to spend half an hour cleaning used clothes.


I will make an exception for sealed items, however, free range panties and socks are a definite no-go. The same thing i said about swimsuits applies to intimates. You don't know how someone else handled their clothes and, unfortunately, you don't know how certain stores handle used intimates either.

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