Tailor made

Marble Surface
Clothing Store
"Psh, even I can make that!"

- Me when I go to actual clothing stores.

You could think of me as a mad scientist, because I have a fondness for Frankenstien-ing clothes together for my benefit. Some shirts and dresses I find while thrifting are cute, but have ruffles (I hate ruffles, not the chips though). Sometimes I only like the trim or sleeves of certain clothes so, rather than cuss out the clothing rack, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Some of these posts are simple snip and hem jobs, but many of these include drastic alterations and I intend to show you lovely people how I do it in no time at all. 


Email me for thrifting queries, tips, comments, or to just say what’s up! Feel free to follow me on my other platforms for extra content.

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